Confidence in Your Workplace

The success of your organization depends on your most valuable resource: your employees. CompEAP offers custom solutions to provide the support to keep your organization and employees engaged and productive.

How We Can Help

Services that help elevate
your workplace


Offering a wide variety of trainings designed specifically to assist employees and managers with an array of work and daily life issues.

Crisis Intervention

Counseling staff is available to employees and family members, managers, and HR staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our toll-free “800” number.


Our consultants are available to help your organization develop innovative approaches to managing the constant challenges of organizational stress.

Positively Influence Employee Health

EAP builds smarter and higher performing teams

About Us

Over 30 years in the business

Since 1991, Comprehensive EAP has been an established New England firm with local, regional and national clients. We are known for our integrity and discretion, the personal involvement of our principals in each client account, and our dedication to providing only the highest caliber of services to managers and employees.

We Are Here For You

Why our clients choose Comprehensive EAP . . .

What do small companies need most?

Some high quality EAP firms have virtually abandoned the market for companies with less than 150 employees by establishing prohibitively high minimum annual fees. Comprehensive EAP believes in this market and appreciates the opportunity to partner with companies of this size.

Referral Process

We verify everything prior to giving the employee the referral as we understand that this first impression of the EAP is a huge indicator of whether employees call back and also how they speak about the service to their colleagues.

Responsiveness and Swiftness

A hallmark of CompEAP’s program is client responsiveness. Whether the source of the request is from an employee, or from a member of the HR or management team, CompEAP responds post haste.

Industry-leading Utilization

At the end of the day, every customer wants to know the following: How many of our employees are utilizing the service? While we are aware that utilization alone is not a sole measure for the quality of an EAP, it does indicate a few things.