Harnessing Expert Guidance and Support for Your Company’s Success

Empowering Your Company’s Success with our Standard
EAP Package

We provide unlimited consultation services to our client companies, at no additional cost, as part of our standard EAP package.

Our consultants are available to help your organization develop innovative approaches to managing the constant challenges of organizational stress and change to create more vibrant, healthy and productive work environments. Our co-founders, Mark J. Sagor and J. Robert Kagey each have 25+ years experience helping companies turn their problems into teachable moments and learning opportunities. We focus on expert strategies for healthier work environments which include the following below:

Innovative Approaches to Organizational Stress and Change

Mitigating Stress for Success

Collaborative Support for Employee Personal Issues

Resolving Personal Challenges Together

Collaborative Solutions for Personal Issues at Work

How do we collaborate with your managers and HR partners to address employee personal issues that spill over into the workplace?

We will also work directly with your managers and HR partners when employee personal issues spill over into the workplace. Family stress, conflicts with co-workers, burnout, financial pressures, substance abuse, and emotional problems can impact employee productivity and well-being and have a significant impact on the entire team. When they do, we work proactively with management to get the employee the assistance they need as soon as possible. Early intervention and proactive collaboration with management increases the employee’s chance of improvement and reduces the potentially costly side effects of employee personal problems: turnover, decreased productivity, disability, absenteeism, accidents, litigation, and inappropriate health care utilization.