Crisis Intervention

Prompt Response and Crisis Management for Employee Well-being

24/7 Access to Comprehensive EAP counseling staff

Comprehensive EAP counseling staff is available to employees and family members, managers, and HR staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our toll-free “800” number. Callers will always be connected immediately to a master’s level (minimum) counselor.

In addition, when a crisis occurs within one of our client organizations we have the capability to deploy counselors within 2 hours to client sites at any location. When a tragedy, like a fatal accident or incidence of workplace violence occurs, we are available to assist your organization’s leadership team in formulating a response that facilitates individual and organizational resiliency, so that those affected can return safely to their work and personal lives. Some examples of essential topics for effective response and recovery include:

Crisis Communication & PR

Leadership and Decision-making

Emotional Resilience and Support

Fostering Cohesion for Organizational Success

Building resilience and trust through effective leadership

How can effective crisis management by leaders cultivate team cohesion, loyalty, and trust during challenging times in the workplace?

Every workplace crisis is different but they all have the potential to change the workplace for better or for worse depending on how they are managed. How leaders respond to a crisis will either build, or undermine, team cohesion, loyalty and trust. Ultimately, responding effectively to a crisis is all about people. Our experienced team has a long track record of helping organizations effectively manage many types of emergencies in many different industries over the years including: bank robberies, fatal industrial accidents, suicides, threats and assaults in the workplace as well as plant closings.

We hope that you never have to experience the kind of crisis we are talking about, but if you do it is reassuring to know that you have our experienced professionals on your bench.