Dependent Care

Empowering Families Through Guidance and Resources

Navigating the journey of parenthood

Families and parents can derive immense benefits from seeking consultation and support services that cover a diverse range of topics spanning from the arrival of a newborn all the way to the stage of an empty nest. These services provide invaluable guidance and assistance throughout various phases of family life, ensuring that parents are equipped with the necessary resources and knowledge to navigate the challenges and transitions they may encounter. Whether it’s advice on infant care, managing toddler tantrums, addressing school-related concerns, or preparing for the emotional adjustments of an empty nest, seeking consultation and support can be instrumental in promoting healthy family dynamics and enhancing overall well-being.

Local Referrals for Childcare

Referrals to local care providers including family child care, day care centers, nannies and babysitters.

Enriching Experiences

Resources for after-school programs, summer camps, tutors and
recreational activities.

Support for Pregnancy and Infertility Journey

Discovering solace and guidance throughout the pregnancy and
infertility journey.

Empowering Families with Special Needs Children

Providing unwavering support and empowering families with special needs to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Expert Referrals for Adoption

Accessing expert referrals for adoption services, connecting families with trusted professionals who guide them through the intricate process of building
forever bonds.

Balancing Parenthood and Professional Growth

Ensuring a smooth transition and empowering parents to navigate this pivotal phase of their lives.

Exploring Options, Support, and Resources for Elder Care

Empowering Families in Caring for Aging Loved Ones

How can consultations with highly trained eldercare counselors and valuable referrals to local care providers benefit families in their journey of caring for aging loved ones?

Families seeking guidance and support in caring for their aging loved ones can benefit from consultations with highly trained eldercare counselors. These consultations provide an opportunity to discuss various options and strategies tailored to the specific needs of the family members. Additionally, valuable referrals are available to local care providers, including housing options, day care facilities, in-home care services, and respite care. In order to enhance the overall well-being of elderly family members, referrals to community resources such as meal programs and transportation services are also provided, spanning across the United States and Canada. Moreover, caregivers themselves can find solace and connection through referrals to caregiver support groups. To further assist families in navigating the complexities of elder care, an online library is accessible, offering a vast collection of articles and tip sheets covering every aspect of caregiving, successful aging, adjusting to retirement, and senior health concerns.

Comprehensive Referrals

Referrals to local care providers for housing options, day care, in-home care, and respite care, as well as community resources like meal programs and transportation services across the United States and Canada.

Nurturing Caregivers

Providing valuable referrals to caregiver support groups, fostering a sense of community, and offering a supportive network for caregivers to share experiences, seek guidance, and find solace in their caregiving journey.

An Extensive Online Resource Hub

An online library of articles and tip sheets on every aspect of elder care giving, successful aging, adjusting to retirement and senior health concerns.