A Manager’s Guide to Responding to Employee Anxiety about Coronavirus: Part 2

It’s been about four months since workplaces first started navigating the uncharted waters of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are now entering a new phase of challenges which includes bringing back some employees who have been working remotely. This change will to be...

The Power of Negative & Positive Thoughts

Seven months ago I lost my spouse of 52 years. My grieving process has been complicated by the isolation imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The isolation has deprived me of the opportunity to talk face-to-face with people and hug friends which I dearly miss.  However,...

Fighting Off the Winter Blues

The snow came early to New England this year, announcing the arrival of our darkest season.  The diminished sunlight available over the next few months can present some well-documented challenges to your mood, sleep patterns and energy level so this might be a...

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Recipe for a Successful Diet

Recipe for a Successful Diet

How do you like the idea of a diet that lets you eat as much as you want to and still realize a healthy weight loss? A diet which doesn’t require you to keep track of calories or points? If you like this idea read on, because not only is there such a diet, but a...

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Increase Optimism to Improve Health

Increase Optimism to Improve Health

“Twixt the optimist and the pessimist The difference is droll, The optimist sees the donut But the pessimist sees the hole” McLandburgh Wilson, 1915 Anyone who has ever tried to make healthy changes in the way that they eat, drink, exercise or smoke knows that you are...

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